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Home to the world’s oldest living civilization, China is a country of extreme contrasts.

Wander in bustling modern cities or find the old China in ancient mountain top temples and small villages that seem to exist in long-ago times. Find peace in Buddhist caves and soak up the atmosphere of the Great Wall and ancient desert forts.

Chinese landscapes are diverse and stunning. Visit the calm lakes of Tibet, island hop in Hong Kong or take a bike ride in Yangzhou. There are rice fields and bamboo forests to explore, or you can hike along the Great Wall as it snakes across mountain peaks.

Ride boats along the Yangtze, the longest river in Asia, as it flows from Tibet to the East China Sea. You could also visit one of the country’s giant panda reserves to see these iconic creatures up close.

If you’re feeling adventurous, hire a bike or take a four-wheel drive trip in unspoiled scenery.

Most people are familiar with Chinese food, but many haven’t experienced the huge variety of dishes found in the many Chinese regions. With a population of approximately 1.4 billion spread across a vast landmass - China offers an eclectic selection of cuisines. Try everything from traditional Peking duck in Beijing, to the delicious Chongqing hotpot.

Street food is found all over China too. Eat Lanzhou noodles on the Silk Road, taste fiery Hunan dishes, or eat dim sum with wooden chopsticks in outside markets.

To find great food in China, just follow your nose.

China is a mix of various cultures that speak numerous dialects and have different customs. There’s a rich religious tradition reflected in the many ornate temples in this supersize nation, which can often seem like several countries rolled into one.

The Forbidden City in Beijing is the largest palace complex in the world, where two dynasties of rulers lived in isolation from the Chinese people.

Visit Xian, the home of the famous terracotta army with its 14th-century city walls. For a more modern taste of China, dive into the restaurants and bars of Shanghai or immerse yourself in a Hong Kong shopping trip. Why not also try your hand at the ancient martial art of Tai Chi?

Azure luxury holidays in China are based in top class hotels within this exhilarating nation. Stay in the modern cities of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. Alternatively, base your holiday in Guilin on the Li River, right next to rice terraces.

Azure’s mission is to find you the best luxury hotels in China, boasting top class food, service and accommodation. We want to make your holiday in China extra special.

Talk to Azure today to book a luxury holiday where you can see both equally awesome sides of China - the ancient and the modern.

where to stay

  1. The Peninsula Beijing

    The Peninsula Beijing


    Situated right in the heart of the city itself, the Peninsula is the perfect hotel for exploring the wondrous city of Beijing. Just minutes from the Forbidden City, the National Theatre and Tiananmen Square, you’ll be ideally placed for your adventure.

  2. The Peninsula Hong Kong

    The Peninsula Hong Kong

    The Peninsula is the only hotel in Hong Kong with helipads, offering guests a unique opportunity to experience ‘flight-seeing’ trips by air - or simply to land at this Grand Dame in style.
  3. The Peninsula Shanghai

    The Peninsula Shanghai


    Located on the historic riverfront, The Peninsula is the perfect base for a glamorous holiday in Shanghai. With suites of palatial proportion, Michelin star-rated restaurants, a sumptuous spa and heated pool with its very own fireplace, it’s little wonder this is a hot-spot for celebrity guests on international tour.

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