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  1. Montana Lodge & Spa

    Montana Lodge & Spa

    The rugged exterior of the Montana Lodge & Spa, Italian Alps, hides a luxurious interior with first-class facilities.

  2. Hotel Ciasa Salares

    Hotel Ciasa Salares

    Visitors to the Hotel Ciasa Salares, Italian Dolomites, can expect to be greeted with genuine warmth and Italian hospitality. Rustic charm and elegance is coupled with an attentive service, while a respect for tradition and nature oozes from every corner.
  3. The Lodge at Verbier

    The Lodge at Verbier

    The ultimate mountain retreat awaits visitors to Sir Richard Branson’s The Lodge at Verbier, Switzerland.

  4. Escape to a spectacular mountain retreat, where the Swiss Alps and glassy lakes are the backdrop for an extraordinary adventure. The stylish and sumptuous surroundings of Nira Alpina, Switzerland, will transport you to a luxurious sanctuary, where nothing is too much trouble for the friendly staff and all your desires are met with a smile.