Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Join me on a remarkable journey as I recount my unforgettable experience aboard the Sea Cloud Spirit, the newest gem in the fleet of Sea Cloud Cruises. Accompanied by my 16-year-old son, who was enjoying his well-deserved half-term break, we embarked on an extraordinary voyage from the picturesque city of Genoa in Italy, all the way to the vibrant port of Marseille. Let me tell you about the beauty, craftsmanship, and sheer elegance that made our voyage so special.

Stepping on board the Sea Cloud Spirit was like entering a time capsule, transporting us to a bygone era of refined luxury and timeless allure. The meticulous workmanship and attention to detail evident throughout the ship were simply breathtaking. From the magnificent sails that adorned the vessel to the intricate craftsmanship on display, it was an experience that echoed the golden age of sailing.

While the ship exuded an air of nostalgia, the cabins themselves were a perfect fusion of modern comforts and classic aesthetics. The beautifully appointed cabins provided a haven of relaxation and indulgence, embracing us in contemporary opulence while maintaining the allure of a traditional sailing vessel. It was a seamless integration of old-world charm and state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring our every need was met with grace and style.

Our voyage along the Mediterranean coastline was a testament to the carefully curated itinerary provided by Sea Cloud Cruises. Our first stop in Nice unveiled the vibrant spirit of this iconic city, while the following day took us to the enchanting village of EZE Côte d’Azur. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, this hidden gem left us spellbound with its sheer beauty and tranquillity. Every moment spent there was like a page torn from a storybook.

A full day of sailing allowed us to truly immerse ourselves in the art of sailing. The gentle sway of the ship, the vast expanse of the azure sea, and the soothing embrace of nature created an atmosphere of unparalleled tranquillity. It was a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with the essence of the sea.  One of the most enchanting features of the Sea Cloud Spirit was the stunning area on the top deck, a true oasis for sun-seeking enthusiasts and those wanting to relax. You could choose between comfortable sunlounges and inviting double daybeds. A perfect place to sunbathe or simply relax with blankets and towels available and the attentive and dedicated crew were always at our service. Ensuring that every need was met. Whether it was a refreshing drink, a light snack, or assistance with arranging the lounges to our liking, their warm and friendly approach added an extra touch of pampering to our time spent on the deck.

Indulging in the culinary offerings aboard the Sea Cloud Spirit was a feast for the senses. From the mouthwatering breakfast spreads to the sumptuous lunches and dinners, every meal was a gastronomic delight and there was something to please every palate.


In addition to the main restaurants breakfast offerings, early risers and late risers could enjoy  a Continental breakfast on the Lido deck, providing a more relaxed and outdoor dining experience.  One evening, we were also treated to a more formal gala dinner featuring a tantalising tasting menu. The exquisite dishes, meticulously prepared by the onboard chefs, showcased their culinary brilliance. We felt like royalty and the atmosphere was just perfect!

Adding a touch of sophistication to our journey, the ship boasted champagne experts who hosted delightful tasting sessions. These sessions provided an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the various champagne producing regions of France. The expertise and passion of the champagne connoisseurs enhanced the overall experience.

The crew aboard the Sea Cloud Spirit were truly exceptional. Their efficiency and seamless operation across all departments, from housekeeping to the bar and restaurants, made the voyage truly special. They were always attentive and ready to assist with anything, ensuring that nothing was too much trouble. The exceptional service during mealtimes further added to the overall outstanding experience.

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