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The Grenadines

Escape to the Lilliputian islands of The Grenadines for laidback living away from the pressures and irritations of the 21st century. The absence of shops and nightlife is more than compensated for by the stunning seascapes and unique flora and fauna. These tranquil mini-kingdoms are all about the therapeutic wonders of the Caribbean Sea, whether you swim, snorkel, sail or simply surrender to its beauty from the nearest beach bar.

HOW TO GET THERE You reach The Grenadines via Saint Lucia on the daily service with The Mustique Company or via Barbados during peak periods. You can also take advantage of a wide number of flight options before continuing on to the smaller Grenadine islands, with convenient inter-island connections, not to mention the brevity of the flights (just 45-minutes or so).


January to May are the best months for weather as they fall within the dry season, however it boasts an  average temperature of 29 degrees year round.

Petit St. Vincent
The Grenadines

A lush paradise with over two miles of pure white beaches, this is truly the place to come to get away from it all. The 22 cottages have neither wi-fi, TV nor phones as part of the back-to-nature ethos, but this is no survival course, just utter luxurious solitude away from ringtones and keyboard clicks.

Cotton House
The Grenadines

The tiny privately-owned Grenadine isle of Mustique is synonymous with exclusivity and Cotton House is the only full-service resort here. It was originally an 18th century sugar plantation and was given a new lease of life in the early seventies by Lord Glenconner, who blended lush tropical beauty with plantation-style elegance and created an exclusive retreat perfect for high flyers.

The Pink Sands Club and Canouan Estate

Set amid hundreds of rolling acres are the luxurious one to seven bedroom villas villas that comprise the magnificent The Pink Sands Club and Canouan Estate, with its hidden coves accessible only by kayak and white sand beaches. A 17th Century English Church stands at the heart of the resort, but the villas and suites are coolly contemporary in architecture and decor. Massive sliding glass walls shelter open plan living spaces featuring Italian marble flooring, colonial and marine artifacts, exotic hardwoods and soothing color schemes.

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Best Times to Travel
  • December - July

Climate information Rainfall Climate
January 29 4
February 29 3
March 29 2
April 30 2
May 30 4
June 30 7
July 30 6
August 31 6
September 31 8
October 31 9
November 30 10
December 29 5

The above temperatures are maximum average temperatures in degrees Celsius. The rainfall is recorded in inches. This information should be treated as a guide only and our sales team will be happy to advise on weather trends, including hurricanes.