Theo and Olivia were grandparents themselves now. Marley had twin girls and Sapphire had two little mischievous boys. How had time flown by so fast? For their golden wedding anniversary Marley and Sapphire planned a special treat for their mum and dad. They were all going to go to Jamaica, the whole family. They just hoped that all the generations would find something to please them.

            It turned out that the island had the answer to everyone’s wishes, but for Theo and Olivia it was a chance to revisit all their favourite haunts and revive their memories. That first exhilarating adventure when they first met, zip wiring in the rainforest and dancing til dawn. Their wonderful relaxed honeymoon and their precious family holidays.

            It was wonderful to see everything coming full circle, to introduce the grandchildren to the magic of Dunns River Falls and the Rio Grande Rafting Tour. The bamboo rafts each carried two adults and one shall child so they chartered a whole family fleet. 

            The little girls had their hair braided on the beach and Olivia found that shopping with her daughter-in-law was a delight. They browsed Rutland Point, one of Jamaica’s original markets, and in Kingston they all got kitted out in cool t-shirts from Sun Island and My Jamaica. The greatest delight for Theo and Olivia was seeing their love of Jamaica passed down to their children and children’s children. Marley and his wife went rum-tasting while Sapphire and her husband went off on a hike to try out world-renowned Blue Mountain coffee which thrives in the cool, misty mountain tops. There is always something new to discover in Jamaica, including Devon House I-Scream, which they all agreed is the most delicious ice cream in the world, with exotic flavours such as Devon Stout and Guava as well as traditional flavours.

            Theo and Olivia offered to babysit the little ones while their parents enjoyed the legendary Jamaican nightlife but after treating themselves to some rejuvenating massages and spa treatments at their luxury hotel, Olivia laughed to see Theo reenergised and jump up and dance along to the strains of Reggae beats and the pulse of dancehall rhythms. The music of Jamaica and brought him here and while it was in his soul, he’d never really grow old. 

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