• The Pitons of St Lucia
    The Pitons of St Lucia

Affordable Saint Lucia

Two Islands in one, Rodney Bay in the North offers modern comforts amidst a beautiful bay and the south, Soufriere is at the heart of the old plantations, hidden beaches and photogenic


This unique experience is hosted on the Rabot Estate at Hotel Chocolat and offers a unique opportunity to create your very own chocolate. Starting with a walk of the estate, selecting ripe cacao pods cut from the tree, and ends with making your own chocolate bar from beans that you have roasted yourself and of course, there is plenty of tasting included too.


The island of Saint Lucia is well known for its dramatic landscape and stunning Pitons. These can be explored by climbing or hiking. On the way, you will discover hidden waterfalls, volcanos and plenty of wildlife.


The north west of the island is home to the island’s tourism and entertainment capital, Rodney Bay. During the day, the bay is a busy commercial hub where you can take advantage of the duty free shopping or enjoy the streetside cafes. At night, the bay is the centre of dining activity from excellent restaurants to lively bars.


This beautiful bay was the scene for the original Dr Doolittle film and has a marina village which is the perfect spot for yacht watching the day away.


The only “drive-in” volcano in the world. This is a history lesson on how the volcanic crater was created and the therapeutic properties of the mineral waters and sulphur.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort
Saint Lucia

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is all about the villas and the views. Tailored for couples, families and friends, the resort’s one to five-bedroom villas tumble down a palm-pricked hillside on St. Lucia’s north-west coast, and you’ll be as bowled over by their chic Mediterranean designs as by their heart-stopping vistas over the Caribbean Sea.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

Anse Chastanet Resort
Saint Lucia

Romance and classic Caribbean style perfectly blended to create a private estate which embodies its natural surrounds with stunning views of both Pitit and Gros Piton, creating a haven for honeymooners.

Anse Chastanet Resort

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