Our world is constantly evolving, and countries that used to exist around 100 years ago might no longer be here today. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still be visited. The ‘lost’ countries haven’t literally disappeared, but they’ve been split up, taken over, or simply renamed.

We’ve done some research into some of the lost countries all the way from 345 BC to today. It turns out, there’s quite a lot of them! Countries changed hands, or became known as something else a lot in history. Some you might know include:

  • Czechoslovakia which separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993
  • Siam, which became Thailand in 1939
  • Vermont, which was an independent country until 1791 when it became one of the first US states.

Our infographic showcases our research and shows countries such as current day Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and India to see what they were originally known as.

We’ve also included some examples of what there is to do and see, so if you want to visit a lost country, then you can get some inspiration.

If you’re planning on travelling to these places, we’ve included some tips here for you on how to prepare.

Do Your Research

Some of the places we’ve listed, such as La Moskitia and Dinetah, are quite rural and populated with people indigenous to that area. La Moskitia is a region of rainforest, swamps and rivers, making it an unusual place to travel to (not like your typical touristy cities and towns).

For this reason, you should research how to stay safe in this area, make sure you’ve got people to travel with at all times and make sure you have the correct vaccinations before travelling.

Be Prepared

Even if you’re staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, it’s likely that you’ll also want to explore the area, and perhaps go hiking off the beaten track. You should pack everything from swimwear to hiking boots, evening dresses to baseball caps, just in case. Make sure you have a mini first aid kit for emergencies!

Plan Your Activities in Advance

In the case of Vietnam, there’s so much to do that you’ll want to plan certain things in advance.

Before you travel, look at what there is to do, where you should eat, and any notable attractions you should see. If you’re in Ecuador and an adventure seeker, you might want to find out where the ‘Swing at the End of the World’ is located.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about some of the lost countries and how you can visit them!