Two soon became three and then four.  Theo and Olivia had a son, Marley, and then a daughter, Sapphire, but family life didn’t stop them visiting Jamaica, so they were both happy and their kids loved their island adventures.  As they returned year after year, making more beautiful memories, they realised that Jamaica is made for family holidays, just as it is made for honeymooners, but families are very important in Jamaican culture, so Theo and Olivia and their children had never felt more welcome and at home. The friendly islanders played football with Marley and Sapphire was dancing along to the reggae beats.

            They could have spent the whole time on the blue calm of Seven Mile Beach, just playing in the powder sand and splashing and paddling in the safe, shallow water that’s ideal for children.  But there were also the family-friendly resorts to entice them. They had the best time at Mystic Mountain, on the Sky Explorer, a state-of-the-art chairlift that took them soaring above the treetops. Then there was the Bobsled, a1000m long gravity-drive on high-tech sleds which had the kids screaming with delight. Their parents too.   

            As they grew older, the children tried their hand at various water sports – they went on a snorkelling tour, deep sea fishing, banana boat rides and had a go at water skiing. Marley was keen to go scuba diving with sea turtles but for now he enjoyed a Black River Safari to see crocodiles and everyone loved Animal Farm, watching the tropical birds before a family picnic of delicious Jamaican patties Marley couldn’t wait to tell his grandparents about riding on an ATV and their dune buggy rides along the shoreline. 

            Theo and Olivia were excited to take their kids to the Luminous Lagoon and the kids couldn’t believe it when they actually glowed in the dark.  Before they came home, they visited the Negril craft market and bought some handmade gifts to take home for their grandparents, who had never been to Jamaica. Theo knew it was unlikely that they’d ever get on a plane.  He just hoped that when he and Olivia were old and grey, they’d still have a spirit of adventure.

Stay tuned for Chapter Four of Theo’s Jamaican Adventure.

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