As soon as he landed in Kingston Theo felt different. Jamaica. The vibe here was incredible – energetic yet laid-back and the world was suddenly full of possibility. Theo hardly recognised himself. Who was this lad, sitting in this cool beach bar, in Montego Bay, listening to reggae and sipping delicious rum cocktails with this goddess? Olivia. She was a vision in a turquoise dress as bright as the Caribbean Sea. Theo had watched her dancing to the steel drums, dark hair cascading down her back, eyes closed, hips swaying. How had he even plucked up the courage to say ‘hi’ to her?

            He told her that it was all thanks to Bob. She had no idea what he was talking about. He explained how he’d been driving to work one Monday morning. It was raining and he was stuck in traffic. He was worried about being late for a meeting, deadlines and targets, and then Bob Marley came on the radio, telling him not to worry about a thing, because every little thing was going to be all right.

            Olivia recognised that it was a line from a song and Theo told her that it was from ‘Three Little Birds.’ His grandad used to sing it to him when he was anxious. Before he died, the old man told him to have adventures, so that’s why Theo was here. What had he got to lose, he wondered? He asked Olivia if she’d like to have an adventure with him.

            They danced outdoors til daybreak at the famous Dream Weekend, the Caribbean’s huge party. At iconic Dunn’s River Falls, they climbed behind the cascades and swam in the shallow azure blue water that fringed a white-sand beach. They wandered, hand-in-hand, down Water Lane in Downtown Kingston, admiring the bright mural paintings as they eat mouth-watering Jerk. They went Calypso Rafting and zip-lining through the jungle. Theo didn’t worry about a thing.

            They hiked by torchlight to the Blue Mountain Peak to watch the sunrise. When it was nearly time to go home, they visited the Bob Marley Museum. Sipping iced juice in One Love Café, Theo asked Olivia if they could meet when they were back in England. She shook her head and said she thought that was a bad idea because they shouldn’t spoil their beautiful Jamaican adventure by mixing it up with real life.

            So, this was it then, Theo thought.

            The end?

Stay tuned for Chapter Two of Theo’s Jamaican Adventure. 

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