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Just before we get carried away with handing over the keys to some of the most exciting luxury sport cars in the world, here you can read up on what exactly is included in your holiday of a lifetime; from the nitty-gritty to the grand highlights, plus a list of the recommended itineraries, is all available here.


  • Choose from a selections of Ferraris latest range of magnificent cats.
  • Select from a range of itineraries, each unique and individually created to fully experience the Italian way of life. Each journey is a sublime beld of arts, fastion, architecture, gastronomy and spectacular scenery.
  • Select from a choice of Italys finest hotels
  • Enjoy Ferrari driving while your private Tour Director and staff take care of everything else including refuelling, cleaning, parking and technical assistance. Each day, the car of choice will be found at the entrance of the hotel, clean, polished, refuelled and fully checked.
  • Luggage will be transported speratley straight to the hotel.
  • The Ferrari can be parked in front of the hotel hall and not the parking lot.


  • Discover Italy by Ferrari tour on the most exciting roads.
  • Opportunity to drive the latest models of Ferrari
  • Full Ferrari Breifing
  • Full-kasko car insurance for all cars and up to 250 km of Ferrari driving
  • Welcome coffee at the briefing at the Yachting Club
  • Member of staff (1/2 persons) including your private Tour Director with his car
  • Mobile radio systems to stay connected to staff
  • Service of parking, cleaning and refuelling for all the cars
  • Photographic service



1 Day Rome & Mille Miglia 
4 Days/3 nights Rome & Tuscany
5 Days/4 nights Rome & Tuscany
5 Days/4 nights Rome & Umbria
6 Days/5 nights Rome & Tuscany
8 Days/7 nights Rome, Tuscany & Tyrrhenian Sea

1 Day Chianti & Mille Miglia
4 Days/3 nights Florence & Tuscany
5 Days/4 nights Florence & Tuscany
6 Days/5 nights Florence & Tuscany

1 Day Milan & Como Lake
4 Days/3 nights Milan, Como & Maggiore Lake
5 Days/4 nights Milan & the Northern Lakes

(start/end in different locations in Italy)
4 Days/3 nights Rome, Florence Ferrari Tour
5 Days/4 nights Milan, Como & Garda Lake, Venice
5 Days/4 nights Milan, Langhe & French Riviera
5 Days/4 nights Rome, Florence (Portofino), Montecarlo
5 Days/4 nights Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast
6 Days/5 nights Rome, Florence, Maranello, Milan
8 Days/7 nights Rome, Florence, Maranello, Milan


  • 10,000 euros deposit
  • Under the age of 26 are not permitted to drive ther Ferrari's

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Enquire online or please call 01244 322770


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